Three Tundra Swans

Three Tundra Swans


Oil on canvas

30 x 40 x 2 cms


This painting is inspired by a photo by Todd Smith in Bird Watcher's Digest. I chose to paint it in oils because I thought the medium shows off the slick, oiliness of the dark night and the falling snow on the still icy water. In Todd’s photo there are only 2 swans: the ones in the background. I added the third one - at the front right - because my intention was to create a family group of swans. The painting depicts the cygnet curled up from the cold, sleeping, the mother looking to the right and flapping wings to warn off danger and the father in the foreground keeping a watchful eye on his family, looking to the left and also flapping his wings to warn off intruders. I created a family group because swans are famous for mating for life and looking after their young for a long time, so this image symbolises family love, 

protection, fidelity and care and resonates with us especially during times of

separation from our loved ones.


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