Transitions & Partings

Transitions & Partings

Oil on canvas

25 x 20 cms/10 x 8 inches


This painting was inspired by a black and white postcard entitled 'Early Morning Rain' by Jonathan Postal (1985). The painting captures a moment in time and transition. It shows a woman, with a suitcase in one hand and the other hand holding on to the handle on the train, intending to board it, implying she is leaving someone, somewhere or some situation. The man chasing after her suggests that he is trying to stop her getting on the train and bring her back to him. The backstory is that of conflict between the couple and this scene shows them parting. A symbolic reading is that the woman boarding the train represents the start of a new beginning, a movement into a new future for her; the man, being behind her, represents the past that she's leaving behind and therefore an ending to her old life with him. Hence, my painting 'Transitions and Partings' shows a glimpse into the future for the woman and a vision of her past with the man.


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