Tree of Life

Tree of Life

Charcoal and chalk pastel on paper

13 x 18 cms


This is a picture of a tree which is a favourite subject of mine because of its symbolic qualities. I called it the 'Tree of Life' because it symbolises several things. On the theme of 'Wilderness’, it embodies the change of seasons, of growth, regeneration, strength, and wisdom. Next, it symbolises hope, especially during these dark days of the pandemic when we are hanging on to the hope that this horrible virus will end soon, and we can return to normal. Finally, it has a spiritual significance as it is reminiscent of the tree on the hill when Jesus was crucified and so symbolises life and death, re-birth, renewal, and the power of good over evil. The tree is drawn inside an oval shape which represents an egg. It was initially an idea for an Easter card but it can be used for any occasion. 


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