Anjana Dey-Clark
Artist & Founder

Born in Calcutta, India in 1963 Anjana came to England aged 4 and a half. Anjana is a figurative artist based in Leeds, West Yorkshire where she lives with her family. As a child Anjana’s love of art was influenced by her maternal uncle who was an amateur artist and encouraged her to paint and draw which she did finding a canvas on paper, fabric, walls, anything much to her mother’s chagrin. For Anjana, one of the best presents that she ever got for birthdays and Christmases was a giant set of felt tip pens which she used to draw stick figures and design clothes on them in her sketchbook. She also had a playroom which instantly became a studio where she would hang up her doodles and drawings with pride.

At school, art was a consistent subject and one in which Anjana excelled. Her art teachers were so impressed with her work that they encouraged her to pursue art at university, but Anjana was persuaded by her family to pursue a more financially viable career in teaching which she did for 28 years. However, art remained a constant factor which she pursued as a hobby or at night classes, but she always dreamed of going back to painting full-time. Finally, in September 2019, discovering she had more time on her hands with her family growing up and working only occasionally as a supply teacher, Anjana grasped the opportunity to study for an Art Degree. This experience developed her creative, academic and professional skills and having achieved an excellent grade, gave her a lot of confidence and self-belief in her abilities as an artist.

Anjana is continues to evolve as an artist and actively strives to stretch the boundaries of her skills and knowledge and consolidate and enhance her artistic practice by doing courses, devouring literature and programmes on art, researching artists, visiting galleries and participating in art events. Anjana applies her skills and learning by working on self-initiated projects, taking on commissions, workshops and demonstrations and regularly entering exhibitions and competitions. Anjana works from her home studio, painting from photos or composing a still-life, developing and interpreting the original picture giving her own interpretation of the form and structure of the subject. She sells her work online through social media and her website and at local art fairs and exhibitions.

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Mysterious, spiritual artwork, whether in a classically inspired style or a more contemporary adaptation, reminds us that there is a greater force in the world than man. Do you want to see more of such unique artwork? Then get in touch with me in any of the ways below...